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Major Water Yield

The membrane pressure tank's usable/available capacity is much superior than that of normal tanks. Therefore, less volume at equal water yield.

Compressor Elimination

Air feeder is no longer necessary as a cushion of air, separated from the water by the rubber membrane, keeps the tanks constantly in pressure.

Maintenance Free

Economic installation and rapid assembly. Limited maintenance.

Life Span

Maximum duration of the membrane is assured as the membrane itself cannot bend or rub against the plate, as fixed above to the connection and below to the flange. Thus the tanks duration is practically unlimited as the membrane can be replaced on some models.

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Back-flow prevention and automatic refill units

AUTO HEET FLOW PREVENTERS provide for an air gap between mains supply water outlet water therefore eliminating the possibility of back-flow to the water supply system.

The physical air-break between mains supply water and system supply water complies with the Victorian Water Supply and Sewerage Plumbing Regulations 1986 No. 330 which state;

"If hazard is bacterial or highly toxic no device other than an air gap shall be used".


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