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Standard Radiator

Highly efficient heating Panel radiators are the most popular type of heat emitter, providing maximum heat output with minimum surface area. They are produced in five heights, 300 mm to 900 mm and are available in twenty one lengths, from 400 mm up to 3040 mm. All our panel radiators are pressure tested to 13 bar before leaving the factory and have a working pressure of 10 bar. Manufactured in 1.25 mm minimum thickness quality steel to ISO 9002 Quality Assurance. Standard, the radiators are finished in a white high gloss powder coating which is virtually maintenance free. Provided they are correctly installed, we will guarantee our radiators for five years.


Compact Radiator

The compact radiator is a unique panel radiator, giving out high output per square meter. This is due to the state-of-the-art design features, including a lower water content to ensure a faster heat output and the converter panels which are welded directly onto and between the watch channels to maximize heat efficiency. The unique aerodynamic top grille allows convection to take place with no obstruction of airflow. Combined with the famous Burgman paint quality, creating a finish which has led the field for many years. Top quality assured, Burgman's product quality surpasses all known European standards, achieving the BS EN-442 certification for the UK and EN-442 for Europe, and covered by our 5 year warranty.

Bathroom Accessories

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